NI Validator

Access to a decentralized super computer

Validator Delegate Hotkey: 5HNQURvmjjYhTSksi8Wfsw676b4owGwfLR2BFAQzG7H3HhYf

Validating Intelligence

The Bittensor network comprises two types of nodes: Servers and Validators. Servers, when prompted by Validators, provide information and are assessed based on the value of their responses.

As a validator on the Bittensor protocol, Neural Internet plays a crucial role in maintaining the network's integrity and security. Our validation process involves verifying the computational work done by miners, helping to uphold the quality and reliability of the network. Our participation not only supports the decentralized AI initiatives but also aligns with Bittensor’s vision of democratizing AI technologies.

Neural Internet's involvement in the Bittensor network enhances its robustness and resilience against external threats and censorship. Our validation efforts contribute significantly to the network's scalability and security, ensuring a stable and efficient environment for decentralized AI development and deployment.

Access to Collective Knowledge and Resources

In terms of network access, validators serve as the gateway through which applications connect to the network. Validators are often operated by developers and other groups actively building on the network. The rewards granted to validators are linked to their total stake in the network. This incentivizes support for validators, enhancing their ability to earn rewards​​.

We play a pivotal role in providing access to the collective knowledge and resources of the network. Our position as a validator enables us to facilitate broader access to the vast array of computational resources, data sets, and AI models available on the Bittensor network. This access is crucial for fostering collaboration, innovation, and development in the field of decentralized AI. It allows various stakeholders, including developers, researchers, and businesses, to tap into a rich pool of shared knowledge and resources, driving forward advancements in AI technologies.

Nominee Delegation

Delegate Validators earn an 18% fee from all delegators which act as a reoccurring revenue source. This process is aimed to create a positive feedback loop where the reoccurring revenue is reinvested into the ecosystem through the contributions of the validator itself.

By delegating $TAO, stakeholders are explicitly deciding which validators are being funded and empowered by this 18% delegation fee. It is the community’s responsibility to recognize the validators that are best contributing towards Bittensor’s success and delegate to those.

By delegating or “investing” in those that are building, the community can ensure that the value generated stays within the ecosystem & in turn, returned back to the stakeholders. This unique mechanism will validate those that contribute and naturally phase out those that don’t.

Validator Emissions

The formula for emissions received by delegate key owners is: Emissions received = E * 0.18 + (Sn/St) * (E — E * 0.18) where E is emissions earned by the key per block, Sn is the stake from the owner, and St is the total stake on the hotkey.

Delegated stake owners will receive emissions according to the following formula: Emissions received = (Sn/St) * (E — E * 0.18)