/Imagine with Neural Internet

ReplyTensor is a multi-modal AI bot leveraging Bittensor's intelligence. This interactive reply bot is able to generate text and images using different Bittensor Subnetworks.

Subnetwork 1: Text Generation Subnet

Subnetwork 5: Image Generation Subnet

Neural Internet's Validator Gateway provides access to each of these subnetworks to provide the most intelligent response based on the user's prompt.

Get Started with ReplyTensor

Replytensor can be found on multiple platforms including X, Telegram, Discord and soon to be WhatsApp. Twitter Account:

Telegram: @ReplyTensorBot

Neural Internet Discord:

Twitter (X)

Follow @ReplyTensor on X

Generate Images using the prompt below.

  1. /imagine

  2. Your image prompt

  3. Tag @ReplyTensor

Example: /imagine a world with open-access to humanity's collective knowledge @replytensor

Generate Text using the prompt below. (UNDER MAINTENANCE)

Your Prompt @ReplyTensor

To interact with ReplyTensor on Twitter, simply tag @replytensor in a tweet. The bot will reply to the tweet it is tagged in, with a maximum character limit of 280, owing to Twitter's API restrictions. Once API character restrictions are lifted, ReplyTensor will be able to answer in longer form replies.


$TAO Community Telegram: ReplyTensor Txt2Img:

To interact with ReplyTensor, navigate to the above Telegram Groups or add the user @ReplyTensorBot to your own telegram group chat.

  1. Click on 'Add Member' in your Telegram group.

  2. In the 'Add member' field, type “replytensorbot”.

  3. Begin generating images with "/imagine”. (Text Generation is under maintenance.)


ReplyTensor is avaiable to use in the Neural Internet Discord Server. To add the bot to your own server you are the admin for follow the steps below.

  1. Visit our Discord server

  2. Go to the #replytensor channel

  3. Click on the bot's username (ReplyTensor)

  4. Click on "Add to Server"

ReplyTensor Image Generation Prompt Parameters


--ar : format (x:y) , possible values ( "16:9", "4:3", "1:1", "3:2", "5:4", "21:9", "16:10", "9:16", "2:1" )

--width : format(int) , possible values (320 to 3840 )

--neg_prompt: format(string) , possible value(anything )

Aspect Ratios:

16:9 - Standard widescreen aspect ratio, commonly used for HD video and most modern displays.

4:3 - The traditional TV and computer monitor aspect ratio before widescreen became popular.

1:1 - Square aspect ratio, often used for social media profile pictures and thumbnails.

3:2 - Common in photography for DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

5:4 - Used in some computer monitors and early digital cameras.

21:9 - Ultra-wide aspect ratio, often found in cinematic displays and gaming monitors.

16:10 - Slightly taller than 16:9, common in some computer displays.

9:16 - Portrait orientation, common for mobile device screens.

2:1 - Also known as 18:9, used in some modern smartphones.

Feedback and Support

We highly appreciate your continued enthusiasm and engagement with ReplyTensor. Your feedback plays an important role in the evolution of the bot.

If you encounter any issues or need help with ReplyTensor, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on LinkedIn, X, Telegram, or Discord.