Future of Collaboration and Project Development

Introducing the Alpha stage of our Bounty Platform, where you can trade Bittensor's native currency, TAO, for the expertise of skilled developers. These Bounty Hunters can help you with a wide variety of tasks; from assistance on coding personal projects to creating new product ideas, our platform offers an efficient and secure way to collaborate on projects and improve project lifecycles. Join our thriving community of developers and project owners today in the Neural Internet’s Discord Server.

Our platform boasts unique features and benefits that streamline the process of connecting skilled developers with exciting projects:

  1. Ease of Use and Effective Communication: Submit bounties or apply as a Bounty Hunter and join our Discord server for seamless collaboration.

  2. Skill Matching: The Neural Internet team ensures that Bounty Hunters are matched with tasks that align with their skills and expertise.

  3. Professional Environment: Experience a collaborative setting, where participants work together efficiently to achieve high-quality outcomes.

  4. Rapid Task Completion & Opportunities: Fostering efficiency and continuous opportunities, with an engaged and diverse pool of talent.

  5. Knowledge Sharing: Promoting continuous learning and improvement, benefiting both Hunters, Listers and community members.

How the Bounty Platform Works: Are you a Bounty Lister or Bounty Hunter?

The Bounty Platform is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. It is a two-sided marketplace where Bounty Listers submit bounties, and Bounty Hunters apply their skills to complete them.

Complete the Neural Internet Bounty Platform application to list a bounty or to apply to become a bounty hunter.

For Bounty Listers: Fill out the application as a Bounty Lister with the following information.

  1. Discord User Name

  2. Description: Write a brief technical description of what needs to be done.

  3. Reward & Timeline: Specify the amount of TAO tokens & duration of task

  4. Additional Info & Suggestions: GitHub links, documentation, & other useful resources or any personal notes, suggestions, etc.

Once the bounty is listed, you will be tagged in the thread under your listing in the #bounty-listing channel.

For Bounty Hunters: select Bounty Hunter when filling out the same application with the following information.

  1. Discord User Name

  2. Position that best describes you

  3. Years of Development & Blockchain Experience along with Programming Languages you are familiar with

  4. Github Link & Resume / CV

Once your application is complete, head over to the Neural Internet Discord and review the #become-a-hunter channel. React to the message to receive your Bounty Hunter role.

When Bounty Hunters find a bounty listing that matches their expertise, they will need to comment in that bounty’s thread under the #bounty-listing channel with a summary of their experience and wait for the Bounty Lister to initiate further discussion.

Ongoing: The Neural Internet team will review your application and actively reach out when an appropriate bounty is listed that matches your level of expertise.

Initiating and Claiming Bounties

With the new v3 version of the Bounty Platform Alpha, Bounty Listers can now initiate a private channel between them, the Neural Internet Team and their chosen Bounty Hunter.

To initiate the bounty bot and create a private channel, Bounty Listers will use the command “/bounty” and input the chosen Bounty Hunter and bounty number.

Once the Bounty Hunter accepts the bounty request and the Bounty Lister transfers the TAO into escrow, the bounty will officially begin.

Trade Facilitation between Lister and Hunter

To ensure a secure and transparent process for both Bounty Listers and Bounty Hunters, the Neural Internet team will act as a trusted intermediary for the completion and compensation of bounties.

Here’s how the process will work:

  1. Once the chosen Bounty Hunter accepts the bounty in the private channel, the Bounty Lister will transfer the agreed-upon TAO reward to be held in escrow by the Neural Internet team.

  2. The Bounty Hunter will then begin working on the bounty and submit their work for review to the Bounty Lister who will then assess the completed task to ensure it meets the expected quality and standards.

  3. If the Bounty Lister is satisfied with the work, they will inform the Neural Internet team who will then facilitate the transfer of the TAO reward to the Bounty Hunter ensuring that they are fairly compensated for their work.

The Neural Internet team will securely manage this Over-the-Counter (OTC) TAO transfer to the Bounty Hunter guaranteeing a safe and smooth transaction between Bounty Hunter’s completed task and Bounty Lister’s TAO payment, fostering trust and transparency within our growing community.

Listing a Service

The Bounty Platform’s Hunters can list specific services that they can provide such as smart contract development, front-end development, ML fine-tuning etc.

To list a service, make sure your Bounty Hunter application is already submitted and you have received your Bounty Hunter role by reacting to the message under the #become-a-hunter channel.

In the official Bounty Platform Application, choose “List a Service” and submit the following information.

  1. List a Service: one at a time

  2. Description and details about Service being listed

  3. Expected timeline and price range (in $TAO) for service

  4. Additional Information about Service

  5. Examples of previous work demonstrating the completed Service.

Once the form is completed, the service will be listed in the Neural Internet Discord and any project/product owner may view the listed Services and this time, use the "/service" command to initiate a private channel with the Bounty Hunter and NI Team.

Bounty Platform Beta

As Neural Internet continues to innovate and grow, we are excited to announce that we are currently developing v2 of the platform, which will be a standalone application. This next iteration will bring even more features, improvements, and opportunities for both Bounty Hunters and Bounty Listers, further enhancing the collaborative experience and ensuring the platform's long-term success.

Flowise Integration