Decentralized AI chat powered by Bittensor
ChatNI is the first decentralized AI chat powered by Bittensor, a blockchain based machine learning protocol. ChatNI is connected to Neural Internet’s validator gateway and utilizes Bittensor’s Text Generation Subnetwork. Querying the top models on the network, ChatNI is able to provide the best natural language output similar to many other LLM applications such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Anthropic’s Claude.
Neural Internet does not save user chat history or have access to prompt libraries. This information is saved locally on each user’s machine.

Gateway Creation and Management

Gateways serve as an entry and exit point for a network as all data must pass through or communicate with the gateway prior to being routed. Gateways convert information, data or other communications from one protocol or format to another.
NI Gateways give access to Bittensor’s decentralized machine intelligence through Neural Internet’s validator. Upon sign-up, a private gateway was generated for each user. This allows ChatNI to communicate with Bittensor’s Text Generation Subnetwork. NI Gateways can be managed under settings.

Build with NI Gateways

With the introduction of NI Gateways, Neural Internet encourages the AI community to start building DeAI applications using their gateway.


Prompt Saving: Save and organize your prompts in the right-hand column. This allows easy access to saved prompts that can be reused at any time. Select "+New Prompt", add a name, description and write out the prompt to save in ChatNI.
Conversation History: Start, Save and Organize conversation history with ChatNI in the left-hand column. Rename conversations and organize them in specific folders to review and continue later on.

Future Development

We are constantly building with the community ‘s feedback in mind. Here are some of the new updates on the way for ChatNI. Let us know what you think.
  • Browser with ChatNI: The next update will bring browsing to ChatNI allowing it to interact with the internet. This will provide information Bittensor models were not yet trained on. ChatNI will be able to provide the most up to date information along with many other use cases available once with internet capabilities are enabled.
  • Plugins: The introduction of plug-ins on the next update will allow for ever-expanding use cases and possibilities with ChatNI. From PDF readers to marketing and coding plugins, ChatNI will take another leap forward in its evolution.
  • NI Gateways to Subnet 5: As of now, NI Gateways give you access to Bittensor’s Text Generation Subnetwork. On the next update, we will expand to the Image Generation Subnetwork allowing users to generate images along with text.
Developers will be incentivized to create plug-ins for ChatNI which can then be monetized with a generous revenue split. More on this in the future!

Beta Testing

We are grateful for the community's involvement. Become a beta tester and help us push these updates out, join our growing community on Discord to get involved.