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Building intelligent solutions powered by distributed AI.

Neural Internet: AI Reimagined

Neural Internet is an AI collective pushing the boundaries of machine intelligence. We are building the next generation of AI applications through distributed solutions.

Powered by Bittensor: permission-less P2P digital commodity market.

Started as an open-source machine learning protocol, Bittensor has expanded into a decentralized commodity market incentivized with a unified digital asset, $TAO. These commodity markets called subnetworks all interact and integrate into a single computing infrastructure on Bittensor’s blockchain.
This framework enables the building of a hierarchical web of distributed resources, which ultimately leads to the creation of machine intelligence. Bittensor’s unique incentivization mechanism encourages continual development, improvement, and participation. This leads to a self-sustaining and progressively advancing supercomputer with a vast amount of resources from intelligence to compute.
As a permission-less and incentivized network, Bittensor is poised to become the largest and most intelligent neural network in the world, redefining machine intelligence as a key commodity of the 21st century. Machine intelligence should be a shared asset, aligning with the collective interests of humanity. Bittensor symbolizes this future of unbiased, uncensored, and democratized AI where intelligence is a tool of collective empowerment rather than a control mechanism of the select few.

Validating Intelligence

Operating as a validator for the network, Neural Internet has complete access to Bittensor’s digital commodity markets. Given the decentralized nature of the network, we provide scalable, reliable and adaptable resources for all types of AI development.

Purpose (The Why):

Neural Internet is committed to challenging the status quo of AI monopolies by advocating for an open, accessible, and equitable AI future. Our purpose is to fight against the concentration of AI power, ensuring that the benefits of AI are distributed fairly across society.

Vision (The What):

Our vision is to be the nexus of decentralized machine intelligence, transforming the way AI is developed, accessed, and utilized across the world. We imagine a world where AI is a collaborative journey, not a restricted commodity, and where every interaction with technology is enhanced by the knowledge of the collective. We strive to empower and liberate individuals with unbiased truth, uncensored knowledge, and collective AI intelligence.

Mission (The How):

Neural Internet's mission is to construct the next generation of AI services on the Bittensor network. By leveraging Bittensor's decentralized nature, we can create specialized AI services through bespoke decentralized commodity markets (subnets) tailored to various industries and use-cases. Our focus is on developing infrastructure that harnesses the growing collective intelligence of the Bittensor network, ensuring that AI's advantages are universally beneficial and accessible.

Core Values (The Foundation):

Collaboration: We believe in the power of collective effort and shared knowledge to drive innovation.
Empowerment: Our goal is to enable individuals and communities with the tools and intelligence they need to thrive.
Innovation: We are committed to continuous improvement and pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI.
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