Upholding the ethos of open-source software and collaborationScraping, below is a list of developments Neural Internet has contributed to the open-source community.

Open Source Chat UI & Validator APIs: Integrate the open-source Chatbot UI with Bittensor through open VE to create a seamless interface that allows the Chatbot UI to interact with Bittensor through open VE, enhancing the user's experience and interaction with AI models.

Bittensor Multi-GPU Inference & Training: Allow for multi-GPU inferencing and training to be done through the Bittensor protocol.

Bittensor Multi-Sig: Develop & integrate a multi-sig functionality for Bittensor. Ensure compatibility & seamless operation of a multi-sig feature across all wallet types.

Bittensor Governance Dashboard: Develop Bittensor's Web3 Governance Dashboard inspired by Snapshot Labs

Validator Inference Leaderboard: Create a benchmark for prompting subnet vs. LLM models. Collect metrics: quality, accuracy. Add a leaderboard for Validators showcasing inference times.

Langchain & Flowise: Integrate Neural Internet's Validator Gateway to langchain with a Flowise frontend for drag-and-drop AI Application creation powered by Bittensor.

Bittensor Subnetwork Development: Nexus Alpha has helped facilitate and manage the development of multiple Bittensor subnetworks including Data Scraping, Data Storage, and Map Reduce.

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