How to Delegate?

How to delegate your TAO to Neural Internet’s Validator..

Delegation Process

Neural Inτerneτ is now open for $TAO delegation our validator hotkey:


Delegating to the above hotkey address means you are staking to Neural Internet’s validator instead of running your own. You can ‘undelegate’ at anytime and receive your $TAO back in your coldkey address.

List of Delegates and their hotkeys:

Delegating through a server

Those who run their own server can delegate to UID 3657 by copy pasting the following command straight into their console

btcli delegate — delegate_ss58key 5HNQURvmjjYhTSksi8Wfsw676b4owGwfLR2BFAQzG7H3HhYf

Make sure your $TAO is unstaked and sitting in your coldkey before running the command.

Delegating through Polkadot.js

  1. Download the Polkadot Browser Extension and create/import your $TAO wallet.

  2. Connect the extension to the Official Polkadot JS Account with the correct RPC endpoint for Bittensor:

  3. Navigate to the Developer Tab and open the Extrinsics page.

  4. Under the “submit the following extrinsic” dropdown, select SubtensorModule

  5. In the drop down menu corresponding to the SubtensorModule drop down, select addStake. (If you want to undelegate, select removeStake)

  6. Paste the hotkey of the delegate in the drop down box labeled hotkey. 5HNQURvmjjYhTSksi8Wfsw676b4owGwfLR2BFAQzG7H3HhYf

  7. In the text box amountStaked, add 9 zeroes to the amount of $TAO you wish to stake. For example, if you wish to stake 1 TAO, then input 1000000000. (1 Tao = 10⁹ Rao)

  8. Once you have verified the keys and amounts, click Submit Transaction to sign and submit this transaction to delegate your $TAO and start earning.

How to check your staked amount through Polkadot.js?

  1. Navigate to the Chain state page under the Developer tab.

  2. Under the “selected state query” dropdown, select SubtensorModule

  3. In the drop down menu corresponding to the SubtensorModule drop down, select stake(AccountId32, AccountId32): u64

  4. For the first value of AccountId32 input the value of the hotkey of who you are delegating to.

  5. For the second value of AccountId32 input the value of your own wallet address.

  6. Click on the plus sign (top right)

You can now see the total amount you have staked in terms of RAO. (1 Tao = 10⁹ Rao)